Fried Egg Golf is a media outlet specializing in the architecture of and beauty of golf courses and the competitive side of the sport. They were unhappy with their brand and were looking for something
new that was going to heavily differentiate them from the other players in the segment and represent the unique voice they have in the sport.

Through research and exploration we found a distilled persona in a concise yet playful system. The new look is derived from the orangic forms of sand traps, with the name recalling a lie that is buried in the sand-a fried egg.

Agency: Studio R.Bloxsom
Design Direction: Ricky Bloxsom
Project Management: Andrew Furth
Merch: Meg Adkins
Photography: Cameron Hurdus


Custom illustrations were commissioned from Jason Fantonial to compliment the editorial style.


Fried Egg produces a lot of social media content and to support that, a sticker and titling system was created, based on shapes golf score card markings, to clarify linked content and make for simplified production.

Fried Egg Golf is know for their top of the line merch and the new brand continues that tradition.